Power 96.1 Contest and NKOTB Concert

Power 96.1 Contest and NKOTB Concert

On Wednesday afternoon, during my company’s happy hour aka 2 bottles of wine deep between four of us employees, I got a phone call from a 404 area code phone number (Atlanta, GA) and as some of you may know I am an event planner for a catering company, so my first thought is, “Ugh, this must be a client.” *major eye roll* So, the responsible employee in me said, “I’ll ignore this and let it go to voicemail!”

After finishing off my solo cup of wine, I decided to check my voicemail. It was an email from Denise Kalentzis, who is a host of Power 96.1’s morning radio show. I originally met Denise, her husband and co-host PK, and the other co-host Terry J back in April at the Ariana Grande concert. I *luckily* ended up with suite tickets to the concert and got to hang out with them!

Fast forward to the voicemail from this week, and it was Denise calling to ask if I wanted to come into the studio and play a game called Throwback Throwdown and if I was interested I should give her a call or email her back as she was sending me details regardless. Well, let me tell you – I am beyond terrible at knowing the words to songs, let alone the actual song title. But I decided it would be fun and what is the worst that could happen? That I could sit there in silence and not know any of the songs?? ← Which I definitely 100% expected to happen.

Early Thursday morning, I drove over to the I Heart Radio studios off of Peachtree Street (LOL like everything else in Atlanta…) and wait in the lobby for Terry J to escort us upstairs. There were two other girls, Nicole and Lisa, who had also been contacted to play. We were all playing for suite tickets for the New Kids On The Block concert ft. Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men for that Friday night!! Now let me preface, I hardly knew ANY songs by these artists, except for a few of their hits, so I was not dying to win like the other two, if anything, I was there for the experience.

Y’all – the radio station was SO cool. We walked down the hallway and there was the “On Air” light right above the door for 96.1’s office! All three of us walked in (which these two had been in previously for other games and trivia contests, so I definitely felt like a rookie/tourist because I was taking pictures of everything!) and took our seats behind our microphones.

There were songs currently playing on the radio, so the studio was technically “Off Air” and PK talked to us quickly and then explained the rules to us. He motioned to us that we would be going “On Air” and starting the game and – boyΒ was I nervous!

Let’s just say, I wasn’t the best contestant they have ever had BUT for being a good sport they gave us all suite tickets to see New Kids On The Block, Paula Abdul, and Boyz II Men on Friday night!

It was such a fun experience and totally something out of my comfort zone – but I was so grateful for the opportunity! Fingers crossed I can hang out in the studio soon… πŸ™‚

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